Let's Start Planning your Bar/Bat Mitzvah "Smart". Here's where you need to begin.

Discover the Ten Top Resource Tools you must have to Plan the Perfect Mitzvah that Works for Anyone

If you are a normal Bar/Bat Mitzvah parent in any stage of planning (especially in the beginning)~ you may be feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and not in control of the planning process.

Well if you are experiencing any of these feelings....consider yourself a typical DIY party planner.

Just know YOU CAN feel confident in your planning ability if you have the right resources.




That is why when someone asks me WHERE DO I BEGIN?  WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO GET STARTED?

 I always found myself giving out these exact 10 resources.  And honestly....It used to be clients got these templates and worksheets after they paid me gobs of money).  Today they are FREE just for you.


These planning tools will get you organized, in-control and feeling confident in your planning ability FASTER than anything I know.

In fact, most of my event planner friends are not happy I am sharing professional planning resources

BUT I want you to know I am serious about helping you, the DIY party planner!

SO right now I want to give you these invaluable 10 resources for FREE

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That's why I used to give my clients these exact resources.  If you want to plan smart, you need to have the right tools.  These will make your planning so much easier.

~ and all 10 resources are yours FREE today.

What these 10 Planning Tools WILL DO FOR YOU

You can get an action plan going fast and feel like you accomplished something great.

You can break your tasks into manageable steps so you avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Gathering your team of vendors is stressful. Our Vendor Evaluation Worksheet makes it easy for you to work through the process so you can make smart decisions.

You can't be efficient or waste time until you have the right contact information accessible to you.

You can design and coordinate your decorations to look like you hired a professional.

Even if you think you already have a good checklist...it doesn't cost you anything to make sure you got everything covered.

100's of Mitzvah Parents have used these resources with GREAT SUCCESS

These 10 planning tool can replace the need to hire an Event Planner who sits with you~ telling you what to do next in your planning process.

This thinks for you with "fill in the blank" templates & tasks.

If you want to avoid the horror planning stories and have your experience enjoyable while making the decisions that will get you exactly what you envisioned for your child's Bar/Bat Mitzvah.....start by grabbing these useful resources.

Simply....you just hired a 20+ years experienced Event Planner for FREE that will ensure you didn't forget anything!

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Make your planning easier or just be confident you didn't overlook anything

What my Clients say....

These resources saved me from having to worry about what I was missing.  What was most helpful was breaking down my research into manageable monthly tasks so I didn't feel overwhelmed. It truly has every task you need to think about if you are planning a mitzvah. I found the decoration worksheets so helpful.

If you want to feel productive ...this is it.   Before Cyndi gave these to me I felt like I was spinning my wheels.  It took me a few minutes each month to diary my tasks and stay on top of everything (even kid schlepping and working full time).  I used every resource and found it so much less stressful to plan Ben's Bar Mitzvah.  Simply~it's easy to fill in blanks and work through planning each detail!

Bar Mitzvah mom

"We help simplify and manage your 145+ tasks----keeping you in control & sane"

cyndi2Having  planned over 200+ Jewish Weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, I am dedicated to sharing my event planner’s secrets & tricks..... so anyone who wants to plan themselves can quickly gain the skills needed to see their hard work pay off creating the perfect simcha (celebration) and getting exactly what you want.

Happy Planning,

Cyndi Silver  Event Planner & Designer, Author


This is your chance to avoid rookie mistakes.

Because you don't know me yet; I am going to start with being honest.

These next few months may be a little hectic.  Besides schlepping to and from school activities; now you need to plan an important family celebration. It could get stressful.

Because I have done 200+ mitzvahs I can help you eliminate lots of the normal frustrations.

It starts now with this simple action.

Who doesn't want to feel in control and avoid forgetting a task?

Honestly...planning can be frustrating and overwhelming if you don't have a clue what tasks need to be completed.

That is why this will help you cut through the rookie mistakes faster and get you that perfect simcha worthy of your child's accomplishments.




Elements of ALL Celebrations

our Mitzvah resources  are designed for those unfamiliar with the planning process & traditions ~ and for those overwhelmed DIY planning veterans that want a refresher ~ or know there has to be an easier & faster way

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