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Looking for a practical resource how to plan a Jewish Wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

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This simple and easy-to-read book will guide you through the planning process into manageable steps and give you resources, advice, and tips to save you time, money and avoid the stress of planning and..... keep your sanity!

"This book was exactly what I needed to begin planning Ben's Bar Mitzvah.  It's full of useful, real information I didn't have a clue I needed to know.  You really know what you are doing.  I would recommend this book to anyone planning a Bar Mitzvah or Jewish Wedding."

Sarah Mitzvah Parent

What does this Book Cost?


This book is now used by hundreds of Jewish Brides and Mitzvah Parents as their go-to planning reference. 

If for some reason you don’t feel this book was helpful- RETURN IT!

Very simple and no gimmicks. If at any time you don’t feel you are getting all the value that I described and more, just send back the book (if you bought soft cover) and I’ll refund 100% of your investment (excluding shipping)


soft cover: $14.99

instant access: $4.99


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How this Book Can HELP you....

  • IMMEDIATE ACCESS to "ADVANCED" PRIVATE COMMUNITY that allows access to resource library of worksheets, templates, and clear instructions that will save you hours of research and time.
  • You will feel IN CONTROL and not overwhelmed because you will know what tasks you need to perform and when to perform them.
  • Learn the “right” interview questions to ask and discover the secrets to GETTING WHAT YOU WANT FROM YOUR VENDORS.
  • Teach you to develop a BUDGET that will help you STAY ON TRACK and not overspend.
  • The advice and tips I provide YOU are the same as if I were sitting across your table- Invaluable!
  • Your step-by-step planning guide will SHOW you exactly how to plan a PERFECT Jewish event.

Your book will be available for instant download after payment


Image if you were handed a book that gives you clear step by step instructions, Instant Access templates/worksheets (you don’t have to copy or reproduce) and hundreds of tips and advice to get you through the entire planning process? 

Look No More...That is why this book is the #1 Jewish Planning Resource! 

If you are ready to set aside your struggle, relief is close at hand.  It really can be a whole lot faster and easier than you ever thought possible, and I am going to show you how.

How this book came to be written....

For the past 20+ years as an event planner and designer I developed a six-step signature system to take any Bride or Mitzvah Parent through the entire planning process.  Truthfully, it was my way of staying organized and making sure my clients stayed in control.

I discovered a theme going through all the Thank You Notes I received.  Most were thankful for getting what they wanted for their party; but also for making the process easy and manageable.

This was my ah-ha moment.  Why shouldn't everyone feel in control and have an easy planning process. I turned my signature planning system secrets  into this book which I gladly share.

It is a truth, universally accepted, and famously noted by Lewis Carroll  "If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there."

"I can tell you there are easier, faster, cheaper, & smarter ways to plan your event.  Let me share my secrets with you."

Cyndi Silver, Founder of Mitzvah Magic

soft cover: $14.99

instant access: $4.99

Your book will be available for instant download after payment