Hi! I'm Cyndi,

I turn wedding couples or mitzvah parents into worry-free, in-control party planners...showing HOW easily it is to plan the perfect simcha (celebration).

You don't know me yet but I can be your secret weapon to saving your sanity.


 What are you planning?

If you are looking for.....

  • Helpful resources (tools) that puts you in-control so you can become a confident party planner
  • Real event planner secrets revealed (I was not supposed to share)
  • Creative decor ideas and useful tips that will get you "WOW" decorations
  • Efficient game plan to stay on top of everything task
  • Planning hacks revealed to easily add your own personal unique touches
  • Realistic spending plan so you don't go over your budget

Who We Are

Event planning is an acquired skill. The biggest hurdle is your time. That’s why we keep things simple, quick and give you exactly what you need so you can learn, plan, and create the perfect event. We share insider tricks and secrets so you don’t make mistakes feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

Jewish Event Planning

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