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2018 Trends to Planning a Modern Jewish Wedding

2018 Trends to Planning a Modern Jewish Wedding

Trends come and go.

Classic never goes away but if your planning goal is to plan a modern Jewish wedding; here’s the new trends for 2018.

I’m really excited this year.  There are lots of fun elements that anyone can use.

If you are curious where I get this information, there is a secret society of event planners that get together every year (okay…its a convention) to discuss and share their decorating ideas and insights.  The biggest names in the event industry gave us their 2018 décor design trends (including David Tutera.)

Why consider adding a 2018 trend to your Jewish Weddings?

Typically adding something new will enhance your simcha making it extra special and unique. It all starts with knowing your 2018 wedding trends.  This is what makes planning fun. Picking and choosing what brings out your personality. Ultimately…..It’s your decision.

Planning a modern Jewish wedding in 2018 is easier than you think.  Use these 3 strategies and you will amaze yourself as a DIY party planner.  We know you can do this.  Here are the 2018 new wedding trends, smart planning tips to make it unique and a FREE cheat sheet to Jewish wedding traditions.

2018 Color Trend to Planning a Modern Jewish Wedding

Color of Year:  Pantone: Ultra Violet 18-3838-TPX.

This is my favorite 2018 trend considering its been one of my to-go colors for years.  I love this color.  Ultra Violet can be used to make a bold statement or just to add a pop of color.  Its a very versatile color and there are lots of flowers to choose from.

Think about adding ultra violet into your floral. Either as a prominent color or accent.  Using 3 different colors or hues makes for a beautiful centerpiece or bouquet.


Need more color inspiration, head over to




2018 Material Trends to Planning a Modern Jewish Wedding

love this acrylic dance floor with pin lighting and lazer-cut initials from

 Adding features or textures starts with what material you are considering.  Here’s what’s hot right now.

Add feathers. Consider invitations/clothes/boutonnieres

Large flowers are making a comeback. Isle/chuppah/cake

Metallic and Marble very big for dancefloor/linen/furniture accents

Laser cut metal accents; chargers, place mats, table numbers, cake name initials

2018 Centerpiece Trends to Planning a Modern Jewish Wedding

Jewish Wedding CenterpieceStatuesque centerpieces.

Tall/Big and full on top but can see across table.

Think of using lots of greenery (great for filling)

Florals everywhere

 2018 Wedding Dress Trends to Planning a Modern Jewish Wedding

Wedding dresses- no one main style this year stands out.  Whatever looks great on you?  Good news!

Slim lines through hips

Belle sleeves

Heavily embroiled veils


2018 Décor Design Trends to Planning a Modern Jewish Wedding

3D mapping, geo patterns. Create own wallpaper (no need to pipe and drape)

Dramatic Dance Floors. Acrylic dance floor with flowers / greenery /picture underneath)

Metallic /marble anything (great with special effects lighting)

Floral with watercolors, Lily’s, 70’s vibe

Laser cut stenciling. Invitations, place cards, signage

Here’s the biggest secret every professional event planner knows to create a fun, meaningful Jewish wedding

You must include personal touches everywhere to enhance your guest experience.  The more your guests feel at home and feel close to you; the happier your guests.  Who doesn’t want their guests to stay to the end because they are having such a great time?

We are not talking only about trends.  Personal touches can be easily accomplished in every turn.  How can you add personal touches to music, photography, catering, or even decor?  I could go on and on.

If you wish an extensive list to spark your party planning imagination, check out Personal Touches Learning Lab inside Simcha University, I went crazy giving you every idea I used in my 20 years as an event planner.  Please let me know if I forgot anything.  I’m always getting inspiration that comes from new diy party planners.  It’s most appreciated.

Jewish weddings are full of rich traditions.  Here’s the great news~ it’s not an all or nothing decision. You and your fiancée can do anything you want.  Modern Jewish weddings should include what makes sense to you.  If you need a refresher course, download this free Jewish Wedding Traditions Cheat Sheet that gives a brief summary of options.

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Since we know time is of the essence, we include 10 more Must-Have Planning Resources (templates, checklists) every DIY party planner needs to make their process easier to make smart decisions.

Mazel tov on your upcoming wedding.  Hope this helped to put a little inspiration into your 2018 modern Jewish wedding.

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