What is Mitzvah Magic?

A website that helps DIY Family’s/ Couples struggling with uncertainty GET in control of the planning process and SHOW HOW to EASILY create a unique Jewish Wedding or BarBat Mitzvah.

Who is the face behind Mitzvah Magic?


Hi, I’m Cyndi Silver. Here is a little something about me.

I knew I loved planning parties ~ starting with my daughter’s birthdays. I started thinking of ideas for next year the minute the parties ended.


I really fell in  love with the planning process during their Bat Mitzvah’s. I admit to being confused and overwhelmed, especially after I got their date.  If I had to guess…I just wanted to do the best job I could ~ couldn’t afford a professional planner~ and didn’t know how to plan anything this large and important. (kids parties are so much easier).

Not to mention, I admit to having champagne taste on a limited budget (we are talking “limited” back then). There was no internet to surf for ideas and how to xxxx.  You had to ask around and hope you got the right answers.

Even still, I found it fun, challenging, and was able to use my analytical, organizational, and creative skills together.   I was hooked.

Then other Mitzvah classmates of my daughters asked for help with their event decorations and planning advice. As word got out of my planning skills I found myself being hired to assist with weddings.   Since being Jewish was always a part of who I was thanks to my parents and upbringing;  one day I just said…

My Mission

I want to start an event planning business with my mission too:

  • Focus on creating fun, meaningful celebrations with an emphasis on unique & personal guest Planning a Jewish Weddingexperiences
  • Make it easy for families to enjoy the planning experience
  • Think creatively and work with any budget
  • Incorporate Jewish traditions & values into each party

Those were and still are the goals of Mitzvah-Magic.   That was 20+ years ago and approximately 200 events later and I’m very proud to be a part of helping families/couples achieve their dream celebrations.

Why Anyone can PLAN Smart and be In Control

Through her years of expBat Mitzvah Centerpieceexperience, Cyndi began to see a strong pattern when it came to the planning process.  She found herself using the same methods over and over because honestly…were working for every client.

She knew she was on to something when the thank you notes all were including their enjoyable planning experience and pleased their simchas turned out how they envisioned.

As business was booming Cyndi did something radical in the industry.  Cyndi wasn’t rebelling against the industry although many professionals were not happy. She wanted to use her skills and design talent to show there was a simple system anyone could learn.

She began writing a course and teaching workshops to Mitzvah Parents and Bridal Couples, sharing what she learned.  Knowing there is a degree of stress and frustration in the planning process, especially the first time; it seemed like a natural action to take for Cyndi to pay it forward.

It took Cyndi three (3) years to write Simcha University which is the first course that simplifies the planning process.  What she didn’t expect is other event planners are using this course to educate themselves so they can learn how to plan events, especially Jewish Weddings or Bar or Bat Mitzvahs.

Today Cyndi freely admits that watching people dance late in the night is not as fun SO I now Simcha University is open to help anyone (not just who could afford my fees) plan a Jewish Wedding or BarBat Mitzvah (the easy way).  I still love seeing the positive reviews and answering questions.

Cyndi’s books are is now used by hundreds of brides/families as their go-to planning reference.  Jewish Event Planning: A Step by Step Guide to a Stress Free Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Jewish Wedding guides any do-it-yourself planner to creating their own joyful, meaningful simcha without needing to be checked into a facility.  Event Decorating: Everything you Need to Know, and Planning a Jewish Event? Avoid these 6 Common Mistakes.

Jewish Event PlanningCyndi Believes:

  1. Event Planning is NOT a luxury reserved for the rich and how you can quickly and inexpensively put an action plan in place to give you confidence and be in control.
  2. Creating a successful event in the real world is more than downloading a checklist. You need to know HOW and WHAT to do with them.   Once you gain the knowledge, you can manage the planning process and make smart decisions.
  3. You don’t have time to learn everything and then begin. Breaking down your tasks into manageable steps and learning as you plan will save your sanity and be a more efficient use of your time.
  4. Knowing how to complete your 145+ tasks with solid skills will give you the most amazing, awesome celebration.
  5. Time should not be wasted. Get help before you start making decisions which could screw up your dreams.

Every celebration is special in my eyes. It gives me such a great feeling knowing I had a part of making a couple’s/family’s simcha go according to plan and a fabulous, memorable, joyous simcha.”

Cyndi’s Favorite Love Note

Thank you so much for all you did for us.  We can’t believe  how magical & perfect our wedding was.  You did everything and so much more than we had even dreamed.  Everyone to this day is still talking about how beautiful it was.  We still laugh when we think back to our first conversation and how we both wanted something so opposite and the end result was something amazing that we both loved.  You have such a gift for making the planning  easy, decorations inspiring, and guests happy.”  Thanks again, Jeremy & Anthony

Bio for Blog or Educational Materials

Want to use my blog or materials?  Please feel free to help other DIY party planners. Just include this in your copy.  Thanks, Cyndi

Cyndi Silver, creator of Simcha University, has been guiding brides and families plan their simchas (celebrations) for over 20+ years.  Cyndi’s success as a top-notch event planner, educator, and event and decoration designer has influenced the Jewish event planning industry. Her innovative ideas and desire to help all families or couples regardless of where they live and their budget drives Cyndi to design services and products to help the Do-It-Yourself party planner.

 As results’ driven event planner and owner of Mitzvah Magic, a premiere Jewish Event Planning Company, Cyndi teaches and shares her event planning knowledge with anyone who wants to learn effective event planning, wants to avoid making costly mistakes, and wants to stay in control of the planning process. Cyndi excels in planning and designing memorable, meaningful Jewish events.  Cyndi lives in Denver Colorado.