Mitzvah Magic Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions? Why not take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions below to see if we have your answer.

I just got my date. Which Mitzvah Magic product should I try first? +

If it feels too overwhelming, start with baby steps and go with this quick read: Planning a Jewish Event?  Avoid these 6 Common Mistakes ($1).

If you’re ready to start planning and want to learn how to tackle each task like a pro, enroll in Simcha University. Check us out for 1 month ($36) or stay for 12 months.  It’s your choice.

If you know decorations are what’s keeping you up at night, décor blueprint services may be your answer.($198)

Or if you need to get organized, our Ultimate Simcha Organizer & Binder was created exclusively for DIY Jewish Party Planners.  Is that you? ($47).

How does online event planning work? +

Before I go into details….Here’s a little secret – When people hired me to plan their events- 80% of my clients’ communication was done via phone or email.  That means that most planning is done without face-to-face meetings.  I didn’t need to be at the tastings or vendor interviews to ensure they were making smart decisions.  Many times I was there via phone which worked out fabulous. Most of my creative design ideas came to me at 3:00 in the morning.

Knowing this information is why online event planning works so well.  You get the help you need wherever you live without the high price tag.  We have two ways to help you.

  1. Our online event planning course, Simcha University explains in detail everything you will need to do/know/accomplish to plan a successful event. This is a monthly membership so you can come and go as you need us.  We hold nothing back!

2.Our Virtual Event Planning Coaching sessions are for anyone who needs to get answers to questions, help on vendor decisions or decoration design, or just make sure you are staying on your task & budget schedules.  What’s wonderful….You control the amount of time you need with no contracts –

it’s about what you need.

Online event planning is the perfect solution for DIY party planners who want to stay in control of the planning process but have some decision uncertainty or just want to save time and money.

Why does Mitzvah Magic have different membership levels? +

Not to confuse you. Our membership levels are based on the amount of help you need.

Our Advanced Membership Level gains you access to a 50+ Resource Library with either purchase: Jewish Event Planning: Step by Step to a Stress Free Jewish Wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah or the Ultimate Simcha Organizer & Binder (which includes book) to help make your planning process go smoothly.

Enrollment into Simcha University is our Premium Level that gains access to our extensive Resource Library of every useful event planning tool I used as an event planner and much more.


What is a smart approach to take if I'm the party planner? +

Families/Couples will spend a lot of money. If people think of their event as an investment in family memories, you would quickly realize event planning is a skill that should be learned to avoid mistakes or make better use of their time. Failure to learn a few skills and tricks will result in those horror stories you hear about.

You don’t get a do over with a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Wedding.  You want to get it right the first time.    It’s not a crime to never have planned a large event or be a DIY party planner~ but it is a shame if you don’t learn the skills that will protect your investment….and know how to get what you want.

The challenge is to get families/couples to understand how important this is to the success of their event.

I’m new to party planning. What is the FASTEST way to learn these skills? +

Our online learning course Simcha University (SU) was created for first time party planners who are new to planning an important family milestone event and want the process and end-result to be awesome.  SU’s 30+ Learning Labs are broken down into easy-to-follow units so anyone can go directly and understand the when/what/how’s for each task. It also includes an extensive resource library. You just grab your worksheets/templates- do your homework with detailed instructions- so your feel in-control and sane because no detail will be forgotten.

Members receive access to our private forum to ask questions and get advice so costly mistakes don't happen.  Professional Event Planners (mostly me) are in their daily answering questions so you really hired an event planner to make sure you are doing everything right.

If you aren’t ready for our full course but want a quick guide-, check out Jewish Event Planning: Step by Step to a Stress Free Jewish Wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah.

How do I figure out my decorations? +

Whether you are creative or creatively-challenged, you want your efforts to shine for your guests.  Let’s face it, it’s going to cost you in time (looking through Magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, Shopping, and Production) or money (letting someone else design & delivery).

Before you make your decisions, grab a copy: Event Decorating, Everything you Need to Know ($4.99), go to my Pinterest boards (Mitzvah Magic) for tons of ideas or consider our Décor BluePrint Services where we design, you assemble, and guests and your pocketbook are happy .

Which Mitzvah Magic product will get me organized? +

Simply, our Ultimate Simcha Organizer includes all Eight (8) products you need to get and stay organized.  This kit was developed after surveying 100’s of DIY Jewish party planners.  They told me what worked for them.

Seeing is believing.  I am so proud of this product because it’s designed exclusively for anyone planning a Jewish Event that doesn’t want to think…What do I need be efficient?  It’s all together.

You can start being in control and organized by next weekend.


A Wedding is different than a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.  How does Simcha University differentiate between the two events? +

If you stop and think, 90% of all tasks will be the same (decisions for vendors, food, music, etc) but there are some tasks & elements that ARE unique.

Inside your resource library you will have additional resources for your specific event (wedding/mitzvah).  There are also special labs to guide your unique event.

I promise the bar mitzvah boy will not walk down the aisle in a wedding dress.

I am a few weeks away from my date? Is it too late to enroll in Simcha University? +

No.  Your event date does not make any difference for Simcha University enrollment.

Whatever planning stage you are currently in; you can enroll and I promise you will learn something that will make your make your simcha amazing, your final preparations less stressful, and enhance your guest experience.

We provide knowledge, ideas and inspiration for every planning stage.

Most important- since you decide when you cancel your membership, it makes smart sense to make sure you didn’t forget anything (and quickly learn what you forgot).


How do I avoid making bad decisions? +

No one wants to make mistakes, especially with something this important.

If you need a guidance from someone experienced because you feel stuck or unsure what to do, our Virtual Event Planning Coach sessions could be your solution.

Think of hiring an event planner to sit down with you only they are on the phone or skype (and much cheaper).

It’s so much easier to make smart decisions when someone asks you the right questions and understands your needs. Staying on task or making smart decisions makes you feel in-control and confident. You’ll also get someone who is there for you emotionally and more.

What can’t we do for you online? +

Since each simcha is extremely unique; sometimes it’s hard to answer an anticipated request.  Our team has passion for what I do which will be obvious in our work and in our conversations. Here is what we know for sure.

We cannot provide Vendor Referrals.  Since this is an online company, we may not be familiar with your location’s companies. But our clients will tell you that working with us means we can help guide you to finding reliable vendors, give you guidance, honest straight-forward, impartial feedback, and can help you decide what vendors will work best for your needs in any community.

We cannot provide a Day of Event Coordinator. This is the most misunderstood vendor to implementing the perfect party. If families/couples stopped to think about the hours of effort they put into this day, they would have a greater appreciation for who, what, and why management and coordinating your day needs to be given a great deal of thought so its handled right. We would love to be there for each simcha but it’s not realistic

We can tell you timelines, time management, and event coordination should be left to an experienced vendor. There is too much that can go wrong and you worked too hard not to turn this over to someone who does this for a living.   If you are organized and know what to do to hand off your party…you will still be in control but now you can enjoy every moment of your celebration which is how it should be.

We DO help you interview and find the perfect Day of Event Coordinator no matter where you live.

Why are you helping DIY’er when you’re a professional Event Planner? +

When I was planning my two daughter’s Bat Mitzvahs, I was single and didn’t have an endless money pit.  I was desperately searching for a “How to Guide” because I knew I could plan these events if I had the knowledge and a process.  Okay, maybe I knew I was a control freak and didn’t have the money for a full service event planner.  But there was nothing available.

As I continued to help plan my daughter’s, friends, families other events, I thought back to all the DIY planners out there currently in this situation.

Now that I am older and wiser, I believe in giving back, especially with my wonderful life (husband, 2 daughters, 6 grandchildren and dog).  That’s the inspiration for my DIY services ….and

I rather be in my jammies at midnight ~ not watching guests dance.

What do you want DIY’s to know as they plan their event? +

You can do this!   It may not be the easiest few months of your life but it will be one of the most rewarding.   Controlling the ideas, budget and the process can be fun.

Just keep this in mind….

Successful Jewish Event Planning begins with knowledge, continues with creativity and patience, and ends with a fun, meaningful simcha (celebration)”

It's about Details.  It's about Traditions.  It's about Time.

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