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Was your 2018 New Year’s resolution to start planning your Jewish Wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

every-successful-party-planner-starts-with-these-4-stepsIf your 2018 New Year’s resolution is to start planning a fun, meaningful Jewish Wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

Well, it’s time to get serious.

No pressure but I’m going to help push you in the right direction with 4 simple steps.  Take 5 minutes now and do this!

Whether you are planning a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or Jewish Wedding, doing these steps will make you feel in control and confident faster than anything you can imagine. 

Cyndi Silver, owner of Mitzvah Magic has been helping families/bridal couples for over 20+ years and now shares her secrets to DIY planners.  

You are about to get your action plan going and avoid the big mistakes most new DIY party planners make.

Start with these 4 simple action steps.  Every successful DIY party planner MUST do these steps to avoid rookie mistakes. 

 Action 1- Grab these 10 Must Have Planning Tools

There are specific planning resources that will make your process so much easier.  These are the same templates and worksheets that professional event planners use working with their clients.   You will need to have these too.  Because they are so important to your success, I’m giving them to you for free.  Need to know where to send them?

Planning a Jewish Wedding


Planning a BarBat Mitzvah


10 Must-Have Planning Tools:

6 Tools for Efficiency

50 Cost Cutting Tips


Decoration Theme Ideas & Inspiration

Décor Theme Worksheet

Guest Count Formula

Jewish Holiday Dates to Avoid/Sundown

Important Task Deadline Worksheet

Mitzvah Ideas for Projects, Party Activities & Decorations

Needs vs Wish List Worksheet

Task Checklist

Vendor Contact Sheet

Vendor Evaluation Worksheet



 Action 2- Know your Deadlines

Once you have your Planning Tools; Grab your Task Checklist.  Don’t be overwhelmed (we know we include everything so you don’t forget something. You just need to highlight the important task deadlines on your Task Checklist. Now that you have your list of tasks ~ it’s time to determine your important deadlines.  Simply take this template: Important Task Deadline Worksheet and fill in the blanks.  This now becomes your new best friend.  Stick to these dates.

 Action 3- Prioritize

In the beginning planning stages, you want everything.  That’s normal.  Take a moment now and put these in order of importance to you.  Then when you do your budget or start calling vendors, you should start at the top of your list and work your way down.  (You will say everything is important but I guarantee your research and decisions will be so much easier if you take the time to do this now.)

VenueWhere are you going to hold your reception and what are you willing to spend? Botanical gardens, hotel ballroom, event center, golf course, restaurant, backyard, etc. all come with a price tag.
Caterer (food)How important is food? Plated, Stations, Buffet: Special menu, top chef, lavish appetizers or dessert bar, etc.
PhotographyAfter your event, you have memories and typically they are your pictures.  Where is this as a priority?
EntertainmentGuests love and need to be entertained.  How important is your wanting a 6 piece band, DJ, interactive activities, or entertainers?
OtherDreamed of twinkle lights on the ceiling, favorite flower is out of season, or ….. this is where you include this as your priority item

My Priority Order (1= most important)







Action 4- Learn How to Avoid Mistakes

Here’s the smartest action step you should take. Watch this  2 minute video. 

Would 2 minutes NOW be worth it to YOU if it could save you 100’s of hours of Planning Frustration?


Most DIY Party Planners won’t BUT for those who watch this video...You will soon be an in-control, unstressed Party Planner 





Event Planning is an acquired skill.  The biggest hurdle is your time.  That’s why I keep things simple and give you exactly what you need; so you can learn, plan, and create the perfect wedding or mitzvah.  We share insider tricks and secrets so you don’t make mistakes feeling overwhelmed & stressed out.

If you have any questions or would like another eye on your event planning process, feel free to contact me at [email protected] to discuss other services we provide to DIY Party Planners.




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